Hey Yankee fans and maybe some other interested baseball fans. This is my new Yankees blog. I’ll basically get more active as pitchers and catchers report. We’re sort of in a dead area as of now for baseball talk.

About Us

We’re a blog that dedicates our posts to mostly Yankee talk and occasionally other things around baseball. Maybe even other things around sports once in a blue moon. I’m a Saberist. That is someone who uses sabermetrics for their¬†analysis. That’s basically it so have fun.

About me

I’ve been going to Yankee games since I was a little kid. I was born and bred on them, probably one of the most die-hard fan you’ll ever meet. I had the 15 game season ticket package in the Yankees final season at Yankee Stadium. It was awesome. I miss the old place, but the new place is already filled with great memories. I like other sports, but not all New York teams. I’m a Cowboys fan because of my Dad. A Heat fan because back in 2004 Shaq came and I was a huge Shaq fan. Now I’m the biggest Wade fan. And I’m an Islanders fan because of my Dad.

You can contact me at : nyyankees2195@yahoo.com


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